A story of passion…

CXC Racing was born from the passion for cars of Father and son team of Dylan and Dave Thomas with the assistance of their racing teams lead mechanic, Adam Coppock. Dave and Dylan always had a passion for cars and racing, and formally went into motor sport in 2000.

Beginning with Grand Prix rallies, Motorkhana’s and speed events, they quickly moved into tarmac rally where they clinched an outright podium in their first event. For the next ten years Dylan and Dave achieved multiple class wins and on most occasions were in the Top 10, in Targa Tasmania and top 5 in most other rallies, competing against well funded and established racing teams, with minimal resources.

In 2006, Dylan and Dave added circuit racing to their racing schedule. Since then they have raced in Aussie Race Cars, BMW Mini Challenge, Formula Vee, Production cars, Utes, Carrera Cup and the Toyota 86 series, as well as selected drives in various endurance events like the global debut of the MARC V8 Focus’s at Bathurst Porsche’s at Sepang 12hr and the FunCup 25hr at Spa. The team has gained multiple pole positions, race wins, lap records, as well as club and state championships in multiple categories.

In 2012 the team realized it was silly to keep using other people’s facilities to prepare their race cars when they already had the available know-how within their own team.  CXC Racing was born, including a complete mechanical workshop with its own 4WD hub Dyno. The workshop prepares and runs numerous race cars for a variety of competitors, and offers its skilled knowledge to cars enthusiasts to maintain and enhance their performance cars.

Our Mechanics Adam, Rimmy, Chris, Cory and Justin have had extensive training with multiple car brands and are very knowledgeable on European & Japanese cars as well as Australia’s and American muscle cars.

CXC Racing maintains race car for leasing and our Winning Drivers provide driver training to accommodate whichever level you are at. Our trainers are successful racers that know how to get the best out of your car whilst still looking after your pride and joy.

CXC Racing is proud to offer our technical servicing skills, which we have fine tuned from pit lane to the workshop to provide reliable and race winning cars.

Our service to you will include race and track preparation of engines, intake and exhaust systems, suspension, data systems, ECU programming and Dyno tuning. Once we have your car race-ready for the track, we can be there on site to support you all the way over the finish line.

Our services aren’t limited to purpose built race cars… if it’s track days you’re after in your road car we can also look after you. There are a number of different modifications we can customise to improve your ride performance and handling.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

Whilst specializing on preparing vehicles for racing, CXC Racing also run a 4 wheel hub Dyno to tune and release the true potential of all makes of cars. Being hub connected means more accuracy than a roller dyno, as there is zero slip factor. Being connected to all four wheels enables accurate tunning of Audi Quatro, Subaru, Mitsubishi Evo and other 4wd vehicles, as well as two wheel drive vehicles.

The very best mechanics and technology available will deployed to release the maximum potential in every motor vehicle.