We’re DEVOTED to cars! We’re DRIVEN by improving performance! We’re PASSIONATE about Racing! We’re focused people, motivated by pushing the envelope and finding the performance edge – so everything we do has that motivation guiding us… We know you want your pride and joy to perform at its’ peek,  so we’ll make sure it does!


One of the most important aspects to think of when modifying your vehicle, but usually the one left till last. From something as simple as a brake pad upgrade can be all a car requires to take it to the next step


Getting your vehicle to handle and to handle well can be a tough gig. Experienced race car drivers spend hours on end trying to achieve the perfect setup. Luckily there are some more simple ways to improve the handling in your vehicle


More power! More Torque! A custom Dyno tune can help release the untapped potential of your engine. It can also help save fuel and increase pulling power especially in the case of turbo diesel’s
RepairsSee Details

Is it your street machine or the family car that is due for its scheduled log book service?

DynoSee Details

Discover the full potential of your vehicle. We can maximize the performance of your existing vehicle.

RacingSee Details

Life is very busy, and many of us just do not have the time to run a race team, prepare a vehicle, read all the regulations.

    • Log Book Servicing
    • Mechanical Repairs
    • Performance enhancement
    • Engine and GearBox restorations
  • Chassis Dyno
  • 2WD & 4WD Tuning
  • Engine software upgrades
  • MoTec
  • Haltech
  • Adaptronic
  • plus all major ECU’s
    • Racing Preparation
    • Race car Leasing
    • Formula Vee Leasing
    • Driver Training
    • Track Days

We are customer service-oriented and strive to create win/win relationships with all clients and suppliers. We strive to harness the latest technologies available to ensure excellence of service