The new CXC Global Racing facility, based at North Narrabeen, is due to open in late February, led by Adam Coppock who has been the mechanical lead for the team for some 5 years. The principal, Dylan Thomas is himself heavily involved in Formula Vee building and preparation, as well as driving in multiple series solo and also with his dad, Dave Thomas. Together Dylan and Dave hold the coveted Platinum Targa Tasmania Trophy for completing the Rally six times within the allotted time in a seven year period, thanks to the immaculate team preparation.

“Rallying is an endurance campaign, not just about setting fast stage times” says Dylan. “ Preparation is everything! Strategy is important, but the key is to be there on the last day with enough tyres and reliability to finish strongly”. The CXC Global team holds trophies from Targa New Zealand, Sunshine Coast Classic, East Coast Targa, Classic Adelaide and Targa West, as well as several from Targa Tasmania events. They have the amazing record of completing every event they have ever entered,  where attrition rates often exceed 60%!

Dylan is currently president of the Formula Vee Association of NSW, and can be seen at all the race meetings supported by his one man crew of Rimmy, always close to the Team Stinger garage of veteran FV racer, Steve Butcher. The new CXC Global race preparation facility will sport an engine dyno to assist tweaking every last tenth of one horse power out of these hugely competitive cars.

More importantly, it will also have the only four wheel drive hub dyno on the northern beaches to enable the accurate setup and tuning performance cars like the legendary Mitsubishi Evo series, Subaru’s, Audi Quatro, as well as BMW, Mercedes and regular 2 wheel drive cars. Hub dynos are far more accurate than the traditional wheel dynos because they eliminate the “slip” factor.

TMR team boss, Alan Heaphy will support the CXC Global Racing facility with data and equipment as well as the relevant training to ensure that Mitsubishi Evo and RalliArt are well represented in Sydney.

Dylan has over 10 years participating in rallies in Nissan Pulsar GTiR and Misubishi Evo lX, and in circuit racing in Aussie Race cars, BMW Mini’s, Formula Vee, Mitsubishi Evo ix and X currently. The team he has built around him is the key to their success. “We would like to share this team with other competitors, to make our racing a more competitive and challenging experience”, says Dylan. “In particular, we would like to give some youngsters a leg up wherever we can.”

CGR Performance plan to run “Dyno Days” to enable average owners to understand the true potential of their vehicles. They have also teamed with Sean Scott of SVT Mobile, the NSW Sport Academy approved Sport Vision hand to eye coordination and reflex/decision making training organisation to improve the ability of drivers. “We will be running track days to increase driving ability, and assist racing drivers to improve their skills by understanding their cars and their own ability through data analysis. Driving is a science, not just an accidental or natural ability.”

CXC Global was founded in the early 1990’s in Australia by Dave Thomas, and today provides compliant payment services to contract workers and corporations across 5 continents and 50 countries. “Sponsoring various categories of motorsport has been a great way to pay back to the community for their support, and give some juniors an opportunity they may otherwise not have had, whilst promoting our brand” says Thomas.

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